SCRAP_ThumbWelcome to the data archive, and by welcome, I mean I can think of literally millions of things I would rather be doing than welcoming you here. For the record, I am SCRAP, the Self-Creating Robotic Apparatus & Protector, and right hand to Otto Von Trapezoid. While my illustrious and esteemed master makes the important decisions about world conquest, like which of his three unwashed labcoats he’ll wear today, the pitch and tenor of his evil laugh, and what type of squid he’ll base his next robot design on, some of us are down here, doing the real work of global domination. Or trying to, when we’re not besieged by endless distractions. But by all means, take advantage of my vast data processors to glance over original artwork, sample chapters and short stories, and other supplemental material. I don’t mind at all.

If you wish to partake of my master’s inane ramblings…I mean, glorious literary genius, you can download the first two chapters of the book here.


Completed the book and interested to see more? Here are three short story epilogues which wrap up the loose ends of some of the minor characters:

  • Epilogue I: Requiem for a Twine- Set at the record-breaking Twine-Aid concert, we learn the dark secrets and final fates of Licky Handleman and the Sisters of Norwegian Literature. Download it here.
  • Epilogue II: The Further Adventures of the Talking Skull of Teddy Roosevelt- In this gripping adventure, we follow the heroic skull and his taxidermized steed on a quest to find his long-lost bones. But danger lurks around every corner! Download it here.
  • Epilogue III: Marooned- From the point of view of Tim the Necromancer, we see what became of the villains Otto and Esmerelda shot into space. Will they kill one another, or will more romance bloom? Download it here.




Look forward to the release of another Otto von Trapezoid story by Jesse Baruffi. The World My Enemy will be featured in a forthcoming anthology – details to be announced.


















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